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Intersand Ecolife

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Intersand Ecolife

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Intersand Ecolife, The alternative to clay litter!

Innovative, hygienic and simple to use, we’re convinced that you will be impressed with the premium performance of Intersand Ecolife clumping cat litter.

* 100% natural, Ecolife is made from a special blend of corn and wheat. It provides a natural and safety environment for cats and their family
* Ecolife offers a superior odour control, thanks to the unique formula that neutralizes unpleasant odours
* 50% lighter than clay litters, making it easy for you to carry and pour
* Its agglomeration power makes cleaning up a breeze and reduces the amount of waste produced
* Gentle and safe — your cat will love it
* Satisfaction guaranteed

Ecolife is an eco-friendly litter made from 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients. Its tight clumping ability makes it easier to clean the litter box and generates less waste. It offers optimal odour control and is dust-free. Intersand Ecolife is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to carry and pour into your bin. It is soft and comfortable for your cat’s paws and can be used with kittens as well as adult or older cats. This natural clumping litter is made in Quebec.

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